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Real Profiles

On dating websites there are many profiles, with or without pictures, and with or without a lot of text. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it is a real profile or a fake profile, and with a fake profile we mean a profile that does not represent the person who is using it. For instance somebody who uses a picture of somebody else who looks completely different.

There is a gray area though, for instance if somebody lies about their age and it is only a few years between their real age and the age that they tell you they have. So if somebody is 50 years old and they say that they are 45, but all the rest is real (like their pictures) it is generally not considered a fake profile. Or maybe they upload an older picture of themselves, on which they are younger. The same goes for the country of origin. If somebody uploads pictures of themselves, and is honest about their age but mentions a different country in their profile than where they are actually from or live it is also generally considered a real profile, and not fake.

We strongly feel at Secret Dare that our dating website should be free of fake profiles, and we do our best to remove them as fast as possible. It is really not nice if you spent a lot of time with somebody and then find out that they are not real. And the other way around is also true, if there is a group of people who know from one another that they are real it becomes a community that feels safe and not artificial. The community then also spots fake profiles quite easily, and with our report tool, a fake profile can be flagged so that it can be removed. 

We aim to provide a safe place for people to express their sexuality, and meet like-minded people. Check this page about safe adult dating to read more about our mission.

Spam Free and Strict on Privacy

Well this is an obvious one, nobody likes spam. Examples of spam are excessive marketing emails, or scam emails or messages. At Secret Dare we do not like these things, and we will definitely not send you spam messages. We are also very strict on privacy and will not sell your information to third parties who could for instance use that to show you personalized ads. If you would like to know more about how we handle your private information, please check our Privacy Policy page.

We do not show any ads, so you can visit Secret Dare without any distractions.

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