Truth or Dare Online

You can play Truth or Dare online at Secret Dare, this is one of the ways we made it easier for people to interact. In this game you dare another person to do something or show something, or you can send truth questions as a conversation starter. When you dare a person, he or she can accept, and dare you back. When you both accept, you have a deal. After you've both uploaded your picture, a selected number of other members will verify your pictures (blurred version, without your details), just to be sure that you both held up your part of the deal. After they are verified, you will both receive each other's dare picture. Dirty, or naughty Truth or Dare is a fun game, and a way to get to know each other better online.

Many members start with simple dares. In this way one can build trust, and get to know the other person. If that works out well, more advanced assignments can follow. It is a sexy, adult game which is most successful when played gradually.

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