Truth or Dare Online

You can play a game of Truth or Dare online with strangers at Secret Dare, this is one of the ways we made it easier for people to interact. In this game you dare another person to do something or show something, or you can send truth questions as a conversation starter. When you dare a person, he or she can accept, and dare you back. When you both accept, you have a deal. After you've both uploaded your picture, a selected number of other members will verify your pictures (blurred version, without your details), just to be sure that you both held up your part of the deal. After they are verified, you will both receive each other's dare pictures. Dirty, or naughty Truth or Dare is a fun game, and a way to get to know each other better online.

Many members start with simple dares. In this way one can build trust, and get to know the other person. If that works out well, more advanced assignments can follow. It is a sexy, adult game that is most successful when played gradually.

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The Complete Guide to Playing Adult Truth or Dare Online

Playing Truth or Dare online can be tricky, especially if you play the adult version with strangers. How do you start? How do you make sure that you are a match with the other person, and that you are looking for the same thing? How do you know for sure that the other person is who they say they are, and how do you remain anonymous if you want to? This guide will give you a complete overview of how to play sexy Truth or Dare online.

How Does It Work?

The Truth or Dare Game in General

Truth or Dare is a well-known game that you can play with two or more people. One way to play it is that when it's your turn, you either choose "Truth" or "Dare". If you choose Truth you have to answer a question truthfully, if you choose Dare, you have to do the assignment given to you. So a Dare can be seen as an assignment, which has to be fulfilled. As you can imagine, this can quickly evolve into something steamy, and it is actually a really nice way to heat things up step-by-step.

The Adult Version

The adult version of Truth or Dare basically means an erotic version. That does not mean that every Truth question or every Dare needs to be about sex explicitly. It can be already arousing when the other person just does what you say they need to do, and these things can be really mundane or practical. However, you can also make the game more sexual by giving more explicit Dares. Showing parts of the body, or more advanced fantasies.

Submission and Games

According to the Oxford Dictionary, submission is: "The action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person." A lot of people see this as a negative thing. However, if you do this in a form of role-playing, this can be very fulfilling, which in its turn can be very erotic. Also, you can try things out without really having to stand by it. If you chose to do something, and you chose it all by yourself, it can be very vulnerable. Maybe the other person starts to laugh, or it just doesn't work. If you do things in a role-play, in the sense that you have to do assignments, you can always say: "I had to do that because of the game." And this can also work this way for yourself. You can try things, and then decide if it was okay for you or not. And to do that in a more lighthearted way, making it playful by playing a game, adds to the creation of a safe space. You just don't take things that seriously and taboos are broken more easily. You have a set of rules, and everything goes. As long as there is an easy way for somebody to say "No", it can be very freeing.

And it is also just nice to do something for somebody else. It shows you make an effort, and makes the other person feel special. Because you're doing something specifically for that person. For the ones who would like to see how this works in practice, the movie Secretary shows this perfectly.

The Secret Dare Online Truth or Dare Game

One of the ways Secret Dare made it easier for people to interact, is the Truth or Dare game. In this game you dare another person to do something, or show something. This person can accept, and dare you back. When you both accept, you have a deal. After you've both uploaded your picture, a selected number of other members will verify your pictures (blurred version, without your details), just to be sure that you both held up your part of the deal. After they are verified, you will both receive each other's dare picture.

Many members start with simple dares. In this way one can build trust, and get to know the other person. If that works out well, more advanced assignments can follow. Please note that you have to make a unique photo for each dare, so you're not allowed to upload the same photo for different dares. You have to make a new photo each time.

When you upload your dare photo, the photo will be reviewed. This review is done by members who match your gender and orientation. So if you are a woman, looking for men, then only men that are looking for women can review your photo. This photo they see is a blurred version, and your username is not shown, they do not know who uploaded the photo. In this way, your privacy is more protected, and the reviewers are still able to determine if you held up your part of the deal. You can choose not to have the photo blurred, so the reviewers see your real photo. You can choose this when uploading your dare photo.

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Why Play This Game?

You obviously do not want to do anything that you really do not want to do, but you might want to experiment. You want a safe space to do that, but what is that? What is a safe space? It's not so easy to determine when you can just let go and it feels okay. So it would be nice if you have a kind of way, a kind of setting which helps you to do things step-by-step. It really depends on who you play this with what the pros and the cons are. It makes a big difference if you play this with your partner, or with a date, or with somebody online that you haven't met before.

Playing in Real Life

With Your Partner

Playing Truth or Dare with your partner can greatly spice up your sex life, and is a great way to get to know each other (and yourself) in the bedroom. This goes for both the Truth part and the Dare part of the game.

The best thing about the Truth part of the game is that you make sexual conversation easier. For instance, you can learn about your partner's sexual preferences, without having to start the conversation at a kitchen table. Simple questions like "Do you prefer to be on top, or underneath?" can already be an eye-opener. Or it might lead to other subjects while having the conversation, in the sense that the question can be a good conversation starter. When you know more about each other's sexual preferences, your sex life will improve. Not only because you know the other person's wishes or needs, but also because you feel more comfortable knowing that the other person knows your preferences. And it can lead to a more general relaxation while having sex. This especially goes for things you specifically do not want to do, or do not like that much. So if a question comes up during the game, about something you dislike but still is happening in the bedroom, you can mention this. It is a lot easier to say this in the context of the game, rather than in the heat of the moment.

There is also a type of question in the Truth game you might want to avoid with your partner. These are the "Have you ever..?" questions. If you want to ask these questions, you really should know what you're doing. Because you might not get an answer that you like. A lot of people don't want to hear what their partner has or hasn't done with their ex-partners, or how many ex-partners there were, or the kind of things that their partner did. Some things are just better to leave in the past, but if you feel very confident, go for it.

In the Dare part, things can get really spicy. It can be a great combination of submission, exploring new things and being playful. Doing assignments for each other is already quite intimate, no matter what the assignment is. You are already sharing something very personal. When the assignments become more and more sexual and more advanced, it becomes even more intimate and can become extremely arousing. You could get to see other sides of your partner, which you might not have discovered otherwise. By doing an assignment, something that you have to do because of the game, you also learn more things about yourself. It could open whole new chapters in your sex life with your partner.

With a Date

If you're on a date, playing a game can be a good way to break the ice. And if you're lucky it can lead to a crazy great adventure. However, if you have a date with someone you haven't met before it can be a good idea to prepare a little bit.

If you meet in a public space, let's say in a bar or a restaurant, and you are playing a rather innocent Truth or Dare game, there's not much that can go wrong. You can both check if you are a match, in a fun way. And if one of you isn't really interested in the other one, you can always express this. You are able to finish the night as friends, or leave a bit early when you feel like it.

If you meet at a private place, at your home, at his or her home or at a hotel for instance, it can become a bit tricky. Especially if your run-up to the date was quite steamy, and you're both expecting an erotic kinky night. If that's the case, it might be good to have quite some interaction with the other person before you have the date. So that you get a sense of who this person is, and what they are expecting. You could do this through chatting or messaging, or you can decide to have a cup of coffee beforehand, just to see if there is some chemistry. You can drop subjects like hygiene, boundaries and safe sex for instance. It is nice to do these things beforehand, because you might feel you might ruin the moment if you want to bring these things up while stuff is happening. And you just get a better sense of who you are dealing with.

When meeting at a private place, especially when it's at your own home, but also when it's quite far away, make sure you have an exit plan. If things do not go the way you like, and you really want to end it, it can be difficult to find a smooth way out. If a person is at your house and is really enjoying him- or herself, it can be hard to tell this person to leave. Also, if you are far away at somebody else's place, it can be good to make sure that you can leave at any time. That you are not obliged to stay the night for instance.

Finally, if you want to play Truth or Dare with a date that you haven't met before, and you're both planning it to be quite steamy, you can also decide to wear a mask. This might feel a bit strange, and a bit impersonal, but it is a great way to let yourself go, and to try and find out what kind of things might be hidden inside of you. Because you're free to do everything, without anybody knowing that it is you.

With a Group

Playing with a group can be quite challenging. You have to be very confident, know what you want and don't want, and you should be aware that all the other people also have their own boundaries and fantasies. It can be really easy to do something that doesn't feel good for you, or that you might regret in the long run. Or that you, or you as a group, push somebody too hard to do something which he or she doesn't really want to. Having said that, it can be really liberating to just do crazy stuff with a group. It can really give you the feeling that you are alive, that you can do what you want, and that you can be proud of your body and your sexuality. In this setting, it can be a good idea to wear a mask. You could feel freer to do what you want, but it is also practical, in the sense that you will not get recognized.

Playing Truth or Dare with a group of friends can be great if it is not getting too sexual. If it is getting steamy, and there is alcohol involved, you might be extra careful. Because if you are happy with the way your friendships currently are, this game might change these friendships. It's okay if someone does not want to do a dare, so no shenanigans like what happens in the movie Truth or Dare.

Playing Online with Strangers

How to Start

Before you start playing Truth or Dare online with strangers, with somebody you haven't met before, make sure that you and your playing partner are a match. It can be useful to have a chat before you start playing to have an idea of what the other is looking for. For instance, maybe one of you wants to start slowly and is rather timid while the other person dives right in with advanced Dares. If you talk about these things beforehand you know what to expect. You also have the option to just chat, or exchange Dare pictures, or just use video chat. Decide for yourself which show feel the most comfortable with, and make sure your playing partner is okay with that.

One thing that is also quite common, is whether you are a submissive person or a more dominant person. You really want to be a match in this area. If this isn't at least a bit clear before you start playing this can lead to awkward situations. If you are both dominant for instance, it can lead to annoyances and miscommunication. Because you both want the other person to do what you tell them to do, and that doesn't work.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are a match is to explain in your profile what you are looking for. You can mention if you are just looking for Dares, or if you want to hook up in real life. Or maybe you are just online to have a chat. Let other people know if you are a beginner or more advanced, so that they have an idea if you would be a match for them. The Secret Dare search function lets you select interests, and level of experience or fantasies. You can also search on a keyword to find a specific match for you.

Verifying the Dare

If you found a playing partner and you gave them a Dare, you would want proof they actually fulfilled it. One of the best ways to do this is to ask them for a picture. This means that when you send them an assignment, think of assignments that can be captured by a camera. Sometimes when you chat with somebody online they are not who they say they are, but by asking for a picture you can get certainty.

To make sure that the other person doesn't send you a picture which they found on the Internet or a picture of themselves which they made in the past, you can personalize the request. This means that you can ask for something specific, so that you know for sure that this person made that picture for you. You can ask for instance to show an orange in the picture, or have your name written on a piece of paper. This way you know that the picture was made for you specifically, and that the Dare has been fulfilled. And you do not only verify the Dare, you also have an idea who you are playing Truth or Dare with.

Asking Dares in Return

When you receive an assignment, you can either fulfill it without asking anything in return, or you can ask the other person to do a Dare as well. Some people like to be submissive and don't want to ask anything in return, and others simply feel that it is too much trouble. The benefit of asking a Dare in return is that you both have to make an effort for the other person. This way you are sure that the other person is paying attention to you, and this can build a bond and trust. Also, after receiving the Dare pictures you both have an idea who the other person is. And since you are never quite sure who the other person could be, this can be worth a lot. However, for more submissive people this might be less important.

Rejecting an Assignment

You might receive a kinky Dare that you do not want to do. It can be difficult to reject this while you are in the middle of a steamy interaction. If the other person is asking you to do something you do not want to do, you should not do it. When you decline the assignment, you can explain to the other person why it is not something you wish to do, and you could tell them the things you would be open to. Maybe you don't want to give them too much insight into your wishes, but you could always give them a bit of direction. If you don't feel comfortable communicating all these things, you can always say "I'm sorry, this is not for me".

How to Make Sure You Both Fulfilled Your Assignments

If you sent somebody a Dare, it's nice to be sure that the picture that this person is sending you is not just some random picture, but an actual picture of them fulfilling the Dare. This is even more the case when you both have to fulfill a Dare. Because you would like to prevent that you are making this effort, and the other person is not delivering. On top of that, the other person now has your picture.

Secret Dare has a system to make sure this works out. If somebody fulfills a Dare, and uploads a picture, this picture will be sent to other members for a review. This picture will be slightly blurred and your username (or any other member information) will not be shown. So the reviewers will not know who posted this picture. You will only receive the other person's picture after both your pictures have been reviewed and approved. So if the other person uploads a random image, and you uploaded one of your Dare, his or her picture will be rejected and he or she will not receive your photo. This process makes sure that you both held of your part of the deal, while still ensuring your anonymity towards the reviewers.

The Benefits of Playing Online before Having a Real-Life Date

If you want to go on a real-life date, and you meet someone through a dating site, it can be a good idea to play Truth or Dare before you have this date. For instance, because of the personalized Dares, you know that this is a real person who actually made an effort for you. This can give you a sense of the integrity of this person. Some people doubt if the date will show up, but if you already know that this person made an effort to make personal pictures for you the chances will be higher that they will show up.

You also get to know each other better, and playing this game can make you get to know each other in ways that would be more difficult to do in real life. It is easier to share your fantasies while playing this game, and setting your boundaries as well. You learn about each other, what the other person likes and dislikes. This can be a lot harder to learn in real life, in the heat of the moment. Plus it is an easier way to decide for yourself if you are a match with this person, and to decide if you really want to match up to have an actual date. If you don't play this game before, or do not have much online interaction in general, it can be that for instance the other person wants a one night stand, and you are looking for a long-term thing. Or you are looking for an advanced dominant sexual fantasy, but the other person wants to take things more step-by-step.

Besides determining if you are a match, playing this game also builds trust. Especially if you gave each other multiple Dares, and also sent each other messages. If you exchanged multiple dares, you know that the other person is in some way committed. And if the Dares became more advanced along the way, the trust and the commitment also builds. Which can really give a strong foundation before meeting in person. And because you already spiced things up beforehand, it adds to the tension in the date.

Another reason to play this game is safety. A lot of people have erotic fantasies, and they wish to find somebody to express themselves. It is difficult to find somebody in real life with the same interests, and is not an easy topic to start talking about. Going online allows you to find like-minded people, but the downside of meeting somebody online is that you don't know exactly who is sitting behind the screen on the other side. A lot of people find it valuable to do a kind of identity check for hooking up. This game can provide that to a certain extent, and could ease your safety concerns somewhat.

46 Truth Game Questions

In the Truth part of Truth or Dare you ask the other person a question that he or she needs to answer. This can be a great conversation starter, and the discussion can become quite heated. Here is a list of examples of Truth questions.

  1. Do you like position 69?
  2. Would you rather be on top, or underneath?
  3. What are your thoughts on a threesome?
  4. Do you prefer to watch, or to be watched?
  5. Have you ever had sex outside?
  6. Would you have sex with a group?
  7. Do you like anal?
  8. Do you prefer anal or oral?
  9. What is one kinky thing that you would like to do?
  10. What is one thing you would like to do, but never have done before?
  11. Do you like the use of whipped cream?
  12. Do you like dildos and vibrators?
  13. Do you like the use of fruit or vegetables?
  14. Do you like SM?
  15. Do you like bondage?
  16. Do you prefer to tell someone else what to do, or have someone else tell you what to do?
  17. Do you like swallowing or being swallowed by someone else?
  18. Would you be into having orgasms on webcam?
  19. Would you be into doing assignments?
  20. What is your favorite body part, of the other person?
  21. What is your favorite position?
  22. Do you like spanking?
  23. Do you like to say, or hear, dirty talk?
  24. Do you like to say, or hear, dirty talk during sex?
  25. What is the maximum number of orgasms you had during sex?
  26. Do you prefer the lights on or the lights out?
  27. Do you have your eyes open or closed during sex?
  28. Would you have sex in front of a window?
  29. Do you like (couples, swingers) sex clubs or holidays?
  30. If you were offered a role in a porn movie for $1000, would you do it? What if you would be unrecognizable?
  31. Do you prefer not shaved, a little shaved or no hair at all?
  32. Are you all-natural, a little shaved or do you have no hair at all?
  33. Would you rather give or receive oral sex?
  34. What kind of fantasies do you have while you are having sex?
  35. When is the last time you touched yourself?
  36. What is your least favourite position?
  37. What is your favourite type of porn?
  38. Have you ever thought about being a stripper or a webcam performer?
  39. Do you prefer to have music in the background, or for it to be quiet?
  40. Do you prefer for your partner to be silent, or do you like moans?
  41. What is your role-playing fantasy?
  42. Have you ever made a video of yourself?
  43. What would be your favorite public place to have sex?
  44. Where was the most public place you ever got intimate with someone?
  45. Would you rather have sex in the morning, or at night?
  46. Would you rather have sex with someone while someone else is watching, or would you prefer to watch two people having sex?

List of Dare Examples

For a comprehensive list of Truths and Dares for any situation check out this article with 600+ Dirty Truth or Dare Questions.

How Does the Secret Dare Website and App Work?

The Secret Dare website has a desktop version and a mobile version, so that it can be used comfortably on a regular PC and your smartphone. Secret Dare also comes in the form of an app, available in the Google Play Store. The app is similar to the mobile version of the website. Below is an overview of the features of the mobile version to give you an idea of what Secret Dare is all about. The desktop version is identical to the mobile version, but with a different layout.


When you login, the first page you encounter is your Home page. On this page you will have an overview of your profile and account. You will see the number of Messages, new Messages, Friends, Friendship requests and the number of photos you uploaded. There are also links to all the relevant pages you need.

Secret Dare Home


You can go to the Search page to start looking for like-minded people. Of course you can search on standard features like gender, age, length, appearance and location. The search feature also has some extra capabilities, like searching on gay, profiles with or without pictures, couple, level of experience, level of fantasies and keyword. So if you're looking to play Truth or Dare, the search feature is your path to straight, bisexual, lesbian or gay dares. Or finding (another) couple to play with.

Secret Dare Search

Search on Fantasy

An extra feature on the Search page is that you can search on fantasies. This way you can find people with the same interests. For instance bondage, outside, role-playing, receiving assignments, master or mistress, dare pictures, timing orgasms and many more.

Secret Dare Search on Fantasy

Sexy Truth or Dare

Secret Dare has an online Truth or Dare game, that you can play with other members on the site. You can challenge each other to perform a Dare, and swap pictures. Other members will review your (blurred) picture, to be sure you both held up your part of the deal. You can also play Truth, and send a random question to another member as a conversation starter.

Secret Dare Truth or Dare


The Chat feature helps you to get quick one-on-one contact with another member. Real-time conversations without having to wait for a new message in your inbox. You can chat with multiple people at the same time.

Secret Dare Chat

Video Chat

Using Video Chat is a great way to get in touch online. It may be daunting at first, but if you make sure you tell each other what you are looking for it can be a very intimate experience. You can also send chat messages while using the Video Chat feature, and you have the possibility to mute your microphone. You only need a webcam or phone camera to join in. If you want to learn more about playing sexy games using Video Chat, check out this page about Sex Game Online with Video Chat.

Secret Dare Video Chat

Messages, Flirts and Friends

Other features include sending Messages, Flirts and Friendship requests. This gives you multiple ways of reaching out. If you are not sure what to say, or you just want to give a gentle nudge, you can send a Flirt instead of a Message. And you can become Friends with other members to create an inner circle.

Secret Dare Messages, Flirts and Friends


The Settings page gives you an extensive list of ways to customize your account. You can enable and disable email notifications and dare review requests. Or hide your profile, or set it to online or offline, but also enable or disable sounds and pop-ups for new messages. On this page you can also change your email, change your password or cancel your profile or subscription.

Secret Dare Settings


In short, the best adult dating website or app is the one where you can play Truth or Dare online, so that you get to know each other in a fun way before going on a date and also verify each other for safety reasons. Secret Dare has a Truth or Dare online game where other members check your dares to make sure you both held up your part of the deal, and has a Video Chat feature so that you can do live Truth or Dare.

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