How to Play Truth or Dare Online for Adults – A Beginner’s Guide

Adult Truth or Dare Online with Strangers

Playing a Truth or Dare game at a party can be quite fun. And it is also practical because this way you can check if someone really does the dare, or tells the truth. However, if you want to play online with someone you do not know, this is a bit more difficult. This guide will explain how to play this game online by giving you tips and tricks.

Why Play This Game?

It can give an exhilarating feeling to have to do an assignment. You surrender yourself and you have to do something for the other person. It is clear what you need to do, and you do not need to think any further. You are actively doing something for somebody else, and you count on their acceptance. It is quite vulnerable to surrender yourself, and it can become really personal and intimate. When you play this game you show yourself, and your inner desires.

When the expressions are becoming more sexual, it is even stronger. You are more vulnerable and you feel great that you lived this fantasy. And that there is someone else who has the same, and that you can share this intimate experience with him or her.

What is Truth or Dare?

In a Truth or Dare game, a person can choose ‘Truth’ or ‘Dare’. If someone chooses ‘Truth’, he or she has to answer a question honestly. If this is played with a group of friends, one could tell if the person is lying, if one of his or her friends knows what the real truth is, or just by trying to observe the person speaking. Choosing ‘Truth’ in an online game is based on trust, and there is no way to make sure that the truth is really told.

If someone chooses ‘Dare’, he or she has to do an assignment. This could be anything. People of all ages play this game, and for adults it can become quite enticing. If you play Truth or Dare online, with somebody you do not know, some questions arise. How do I know that the other person fulfilled their Dare? What if I ask something, but nothing happens? What if I do my dare, but I do not get a response from the other person? What if I have to do a Dare, but I really really do not want to? In this guide, we will go into these questions and focus on the ‘Dare’. Doing and giving assignments online.

How to Start

When you found a person to do the game with, it might be a good idea to start slowly and build trust. If you start slowly you will get used to each other, and the more trust there is, the more advanced the Dares can get. So start slow, and be nice.

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How to Verify the Dare Using Pictures

You can give an assignment, but it is important that the Dare is verified. The easiest way of doing this, is asking for a picture. So think about an assignment where a picture can be taken, as proof.

Now that the other person knows that he or she has to take a picture, you want to be certain that the picture is not a picture of somebody else, or a picture that was taken before. You want to make sure that this picture was made for you.

To do this, you can personalize the picture. Add an extra condition, like “show an orange in the picture”, or “write my name somewhere”. This way, you know for sure that the assignment has been fulfilled.

Make a Dare Exchange

When you completed a Dare, and you sent your picture, the other person now has a private picture of you. This is of course the idea of the game. You can however set the stakes higher when you ask something in exchange. In this case you both have a private picture, plus it is nice that you both have to do something for the other person.

Review of the Dare Exchange

When doing a Dare exchange, you can send each other a picture. It would be nice to make sure that both parties held up their part of the deal. Otherwise it could be the case that one person did their best to fulfill the Dare, and the other person didn’t. You can achieve this by having a third party review both your dares, to make sure you completed your assignment.

Rejecting a Dare

If you really do not want to do a Dare because you really do not like it, or you do not want to do the Dare for the other person specifically, you can always decline. You can give a rejection reason so that the other person knows what to do next. Maybe try another Dare, or search for another Dare partner.

Advanced: Video chat

Using video chat for Truth or Dare has its benefits and drawbacks. A benefit is that you can see the other person directly, and you have to respond directly. However, if you did not interact with the other person before, and video chat is your first contact, then it can also have drawbacks. Some things are not clear yet. For instance: Who will be giving the assignments and who will be doing them? What kind of assignments, what are the limits?

Also, and more importantly, there is no trust beforehand. You are not sure you will have a connection with the other person. Our advice would be to start slow, get to know each other through messages and chat, do a few Dares using pictures, and the video chat session which you can do later, will be much better.

A Complete Guide to Truth or Dare Online

If you would like to know more about how to play adult Truth or Dare online, you can check this comprehensive guide that examines the game in more detail. Or sign up for free and have a look around. If you need some inspiration while playing the game you can also check these 600+ Dirty Truth or Dare Questions. has an online adult Truth or Dare game. You can play one-on-one, and make a dare deal. To make sure you both held up your part of the deal, the uploaded picture will be reviewed by other members. The dare deal is between you and the other person, that is why the review will be done anonymously, and the picture will be blurred slightly.

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