What is an Affiliate?
You can earn income, by placing links to this website, If another person clicks on this link, and becomes a member on Secret Dare, you will receive a fee of 50%. Secret Dare makes use of recurring subscriptions, and you will keep receiving 50% with each recurring payment. You are then an Affiliate of this site, or partner. You can place textlinks, or banners (images). If you have your own website, you can place our banners as advertisement on your site, and you will also receive the fee. If more than one person clicks on the link and becomes a member, you will receive 50% for each member separately, adding up.

Signing up other Affiliates
If you find another person to join as an Affiliate on Secret Dare, you are an Affiliate Recruiter. When that Affiliate creates a sale, you will receive 10% of all of this person's earnings. This counts for all the futures sales of that Affiliate, you will receive 10%, forever. This means that if you find other persons to sign up as an Affiliate, your income increases exponentially. The sign up form is the same for both Affiliates, and Affiliate Recruiters. You also use the same referrer link.

Who can join?
Everybody can join. You can place links on other sites, or you can have a website of your own, and place a textlink or a banner on it.

Tips and trics
Here are some tips and trics that you can use to get traffic, people who click on your Affiliate link:
- Put banners or a text link on your site, if you have one.
- Use your own domain for the referral link. For instance use as the link and have that redirected to your referral link.
- Create a blog (on for instance), and write articles.
- Use Twitter, you can put the Affiliate link in the 'Bio' field, or put it in a tweet (using or other url shortener service).
- Add a link to your profile on other sites.
- You can buy traffic (more info).
- You can buy ad space (more info).
- Upload videos to tubesites, with the link underneath the video.

- You are not allowed to use misleading anchor texts, for example 'picture of a cute dog', linking to our site, we are very strict on this.
- It is also not allowed to post links on link-farms, with for instance a 100+ links already on it. This will not generate any traffic for us nor for you, and will have a negative impact on search engine results.

Word choice
You can choose the text for the link (the anchor text), or title and alt attribute for the image, yourself. As long as it is not misleading. Here are some ideas: 'Erotic Fantasy Dating, Sexual Fantasy Dating, High Class Fantasy Dating, Seeking Fantasies, Play Truth or Dare Online, Truth or Dare Game'.

How to sign up
The Affiliate payment system is handled by CCBill. They also arrange our own payments on Secret Dare. CCBill is one of the largest payment processors, active since 1998 and is servicing over 30,000 websites. You sign up, get the textlinks and banners, and get paid by them. To sign up, click on the button below. In the sign up form, the field for 'Site URL' is required. If you don't have your own website, you can just fill in any URL.

Getting your Affiliate link
After signing up, you can login at the CCBill Admin page. Go to 'Tools' -> 'Tools' and click on 'Get Banners'. You can find more information on how links work in general at You can also use your own domain for the referral link. For instance and have that redirected to your referral link. This will also work and looks professional.

If you have any questions about the signup process, payments, or where to get the referrer link and banners, please feel free to contact If you have any questions about the tips and trics or the rules, please contact

I already have a CCBill account